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Neighborhood Heroes Initiative

The Neighborhood Heroes Initiative was created during the 2020 pandemic to acknowledge, and show appreciation for those who protect, serve, and inspire – despite of the roadblocks to doing so.

The upcoming donation campaign will aim to help the essential public servants who continue to work at grocery stores, restaurants, as delivery drivers, postal workers, and maintenance workers.

Here’s how the challenge goes:

  1. Make a donation of AT LEAST $10 to
  2. Post a video detailing who & what inspires you. (Tag them if they’re on IG or FB)
  3. Use the hashtags #neighborhoodheroes #theinspirationfoundation
  4. Tag 3 people, and ask them to donate, and create videos as well, following this format.

For those who have inquired, we are finally accepting sponsors. Donations of $250 or more will receive special thanks, and acknowledgement as being sponsors, along with other benefits. Hit me up for more info: 773.598.0479.

There will be a drawing to randomly select winners. Those that are chosen will be called LIVE via video chat, and sent money immediately via PayPal.


*As this is also a fundraiser for the Inspiration Foundation, the agency will retain up to 20% of donations to support community programming. As of now, we have not done so, but may in the future, at which point we will announce the amount live.*

Cost : $25